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The latest generation of natural swimming pools to the West Midlands 

These chemical (chlorine) and salt free swimming pools use a scientifically proven bio-filtration system that gives you perfect water clarity 365 days a year. This system allows the luxury of having the pool water heated to a comfortable temperature (up to 28°) which allows you to swim all through the summer period and often beyond. 
Our pools ensure that you will have a clean water, low maintenance, environmentally friendly swimming pool that compliments your garden’s landscape. A Natural Swimming Pool provides you with far more than a chlorine pool with the obvious health benefits it also provides a beautiful garden feature all year round. 

There are three ways to create these pools at your own home and five options on pools types to suit your space and style: 

A new build swimming pool project (indoor or outdoor, private or commercial) 
The conversion of an existing swimming pool or water body 
The transformation of a derelict swimming pool or water body 

 Why Choose Avalon Landscape and Design?  

We are in a working community that is supported by a team of scientists, ecological, engineers, sustainability consultants, landscape designers and architects knowledge and technology. In short, A bespoke design service– Any natural swimming pool design is possible. Take a look at the breadth of options available through five swimming pool types. Environmentally friendly – The pools are created to reduce the energy needed to keep the ambient water warmer than in a traditional chemical pool and the water should never need changing. 
Low running costs & maintenance 
Fully guaranteed 
Cost - Similar build cost to a chemical pool 
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