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Wildflower Gardening 

Drawn to the publics’ attention at the Olympic Park, wildflower gardening is very on trend at the moment. Avalon Landscapes hopes that it is not a passing fancy as we know its great for wildlife and the environment and looks fabulous to boot. 
We are authorised installers of ‘Wildflower Turf’, which means we had a whole day at their fabulous headquarters in Hampshire to learn all about their products. We had a ‘full-on’ day being taught all about the different turfs and their applications (of which there are at least 10 and that doesn’t include the bespoke varieties!). The session culminated in a tour of their meadows and research centre. We came away enthused and excited about how we can incorporate the products into our projects. 

Not only is it great for lawn areas it can be used to form borders and living roofs, it also thrives where other plants will struggle. 


 A bit about the Turf  

Wildflower turf will provide changing colours throughout the year, with seeds carefully chosen to produce flowering plants from early in the spring through to the middle of the autumn.  
The flowers will vary from year to year according to the conditions. This will ensure that no two years are the same (as is the case with true wild flower meadows) and gives a constantly changing landscape. The turf is comprised of native British grasses that complement the flowers and do not compete with them. 
The grasses are visually attractive while they seed, along side the wild flowers, and the combination provides a food source for birds and a favourable habitat for butterflies and other insects. The dense formation of the turf acts as a weed blanket and is quick to take. Once established, it requires little maintenance, other than watering when first installed and cutting back in the autumn. So if you are looking to have a section of wildflower meadow in your garden we would be delighted to help. Whether it is a small border, a shed roof or half an acre, we have the turf for you. We can also obtain a bespoke turf for specific conditions including dry, shady or boggy areas. 
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