We have teamed up with Clear Water Revival to bring the latest generation of natural swimming pools to the West Midlands
These chemical (chlorine) and salt free swimming pools use a scientifically proven bio-filtration system that gives you perfect water clarity 365 days a year. This system allows the luxury of having the pool water heated to a comfortable temperature (up to 28°) which allows you to swim all through the summer period and often beyond. Our pools ensure that you will have a clean water, low maintenance, environmentally friendly swimming pool that compliments your garden’s landscape.
A Natural Swimming Pool provides you with far more than a chlorine pool with the obvious health benefits it also provides a beautiful garden feature all year round.
There are three ways to create these pools at your own home and five options on pools types to suit your space and style:

Why Choose Avalon Landscape and Design and Clear Water Revival?
As a CWR Natural Pool Partner we are in a working community that is supported by a team of scientists, ecological, engineers, sustainability consultants, landscape designers and architects knowledge and technology.
In short

“We are passionate about creating simply beautiful, naturally filtered swimming pools.  Excellence in design married to an acute attention to detail ensures that you will be overjoyed with your new, bespoke swimming pool.”  
David Nettleton – Clear Water Revival
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